Frank is Martha's hero, who is yours?

Frank Mitchell
Frank Mitchell

Good neighbour Frank Mitchell never performed his kind acts to receive praise.

But he was still grateful to his 91-year-old neighbour when she showed her appreciation for all that he does for her, leading to him being honoured for his selfless efforts.

The modest 72-year-old received the Good Neighbour Award at The Cumberland News Community Heroes Awards last year - and it now takes pride of place on his sideboard.

He said: "When you've had chance to settle down and not be in front of people, it gives you immense pleasure.

"Hundreds of people do the same as I do but it just happened that [Martha] put me in for it when other people don't."

Now we need YOU to tell us who else is deserving of recognition by nominating YOUR heroes now.

With the support of United Utilities, The Cumberland News Community Heroes Awards 2017 will honour and thank those who do so much to make a difference.

Martha Addison, who lives two doors down from Frank, in Wigton Road, Carlisle, wanted to nominate him to thank him for making sure she gets by.

To Frank everything is just a small gesture. But to Martha it means so much more.

She said her life would be "hopeless" without Frank.

"He comes round every day and puts my dustbins out and everything," she said.

"I was over the moon he won. He's a grand lad. I've known him for years.

"When I was poorly and I couldn't walk he used to come round in a morning and make my breakfast for me."

Frank and his wife Olwen moved to Wigton Road 45 years ago.

The couple have become great friends with Martha, who also knew Frank's parents.

Martha, who is partially sighted and not very mobile, was very independent until about three years ago.

"She couldn't start her lawnmower so she asked me to start it for her," said Frank.

"I watched her a bit and she was struggling so I started cutting her lawn and it just built up from there."

Martha said Frank helps her in "so many ways". She could contact him at any time and he would do anything to help.

She said he was a "Godsend" when her boiler flooded her house last year.

Meanwhile he tends to her large garden and checks on her every day.

"He is always busy but never too busy to help," said Martha.

"I never feel a nuisance asking him. He has got such a nice attitude.

"In fact he is the perfect neighbour."

She thinks anyone who knows someone like Frank should make sure they give them the recognition they deserve.

Now in it's third year, The Community Heroes Award 2017 is looking to salute more of the county's kindhearted souls.

These special awards are for those who are the least likely to seek recognition but who are always the most deserving of it.

There is a special spirit among Cumbrians and our communities are full of people who go the extra mile to help others.

Our towns, villages and estates are full of people who go the extra mile to help others; there are clubs and organisations who survive on the tireless dedication of volunteers; there are school workers who inspire us to achieve and go out of the way to ensure we can fulfill our goals.

Whether they're inspirational, dedicated or hardworking, if they are your hero, we want to hear from you.

This year there are 11 categories, including Good Neighbour, School Worker of the Year, Sporting Hero and Good Friend.

Perhaps someone you know could be our Volunteer of the Year or Unsung Hero?

The awards will be presented at Carlisle Racecourse on Thursday, June 29.

To make a nomination, please fill in the form below and return it by post, or make an entry online at:

Nominations close on Friday, April 28.

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