Billboards warning of hefty fines for littering go up around Carlisle


Hard-hitting billboards that spell out the hefty fines people could face if they fail to keep Carlisle clean have gone up in the city.

The city council is urging residents to back its campaign to keep streets and parks in tip-top condition.

Striking images highlighting the types of anti-social offences being targeted have been displayed on billboards and bus shelters.

The campaign designs concentrate on three problem areas - dog fouling, littering and fly-tipping.

One of the billboards outlining fines associated with dog fouling has gone up on Denton Street in Denton Holme, Carlisle.

Another spelling out the case against littering is on Newtown Road.

The council is encouraging residents to contact officials if they have any information that could result in perpetrators being caught.

Councillor Chris Southward, who is responsible for environment and transport, said: "We want to Keep Carlisle Clean but need the support of our local residents.

"We need communities and businesses to work alongside us to tackle litter, fly-tipping, dog fouling and other anti-social behaviour.

"No community should have to put up with streets and green spaces polluted with dog fouling.

"Not only is it a health hazard, it is also an unsightly mess.

"There is also no excuse to drop litter or fly-tip.

"Think twice before you hand over your rubbish to illegal operators - if it’s fly-tipped you face a hefty fine."

It is an offence for people not to clean up after their dog has fouled.

If caught, prosecution could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Dog waste is associated with a number of diseases including toxocariasis - a roundworm commonly found in dogs and almost all puppies. E

ggs from the roundworm are found in dog waste and can pose a health risk if they come in contact with the mouth, particularly with small children.

The parasite can cause stomach upsets and in some cases, blindness.

Fly-tipping is illegal and offenders can receive a fixed penalty fine of up £400.

If you drop litter - even a cigarette butt - you could face a fine of up to £2,500.

To report offences, email: or call 01228 817200.

For more information on the campaign, visit

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