Drop in number of BBC Radio Cumbria listeners

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BBC Radio Cumbria logo

BBC Radio Cumbria has seen a year-on-year decrease in its listeners, according to new audience figures.

Numbers released by the part-BBC owned Radio Joint Audience Research (Rajar) group show that the station had an average of 116,000 listeners per week in the second quarter of this year.

When compared with figures from the same time last year it shows a 5.7 per cent decline.

Overall, the BBC’s local and regional radio network increased its weekly audience by three per cent year on year to 8,632,000.

Rajar's say that 90.3 per cent of the UK’s adult population, or 49.2m people, tune in to the radio at least once a week.

The likes of BBC Radio 4 saw its audience increase 0.4 per cent year on year to 11,551,000 listeners per week.

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