Sunday, 30 August 2015

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Wettest day of the year in England recorded in Cumbria

It's been England’s wettest year on record and the wettest day was here in Cumbria.

The most rain in a single day was on June 22 when Honister Pass saw 208.4mm, just over eight inches, of rain in 24 hours.

The day’s extreme weather caused roads to be closed and rail services cancelled as well as the postponement of the Great North Swim at Windermere.

It also came on the day the Olympic torch left Cumbria for Lancashire.

Although it was England’s wettest year since records began just over a century ago, it only saw the second highest annual rainfall for the whole of the UK at 1,330.7mm, 52 inches

Of the five wettest years on record, four have been within the last 12 years – 2000, 2012, 2008 and 2002.

As well as flooding homes and businesses, the rain has seen farmers forced to keep stock indoors, adding to feed costs, and fruit harvests being ruined.

Val Sullivan, secretary of Whitehaven and District Beekeepers Association, had a colony of 60,000 bees killed off by the wet weather and failed crops.

She reflected on the summer: “We can usually produce around 40lb to 50lb of strawberries.

“Last June and July we ended up with about four or five pounds.

“It was a disaster with our crops just rotting, failing to ripen without the sun or being eaten by the slugs.

“With raspberries, which ripen in July, we have previously produced around 15lb.

“Last year we weren’t able to grow any because of the constant rain.’’

“Last summer was horrible, the worst I’ve ever known”.

As well as being the second wettest year, 2012 was the ninth warmest since records began.

The Met Office has said it expecting this year to be even warmer.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – pages 10&11

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if it rains a lot then people moan that it's too rainy but if it's sunny a lot then people moan it's too hot. If it's very windy then people grumble yet if it's foggy they grumble about that too. If it snows a lot then people say "there's too much snow" but if it doesn't snow at all people say "it'll be that global warming that will".

What I want to know is.....just what should the weather be like before people will just shut up about it?

Posted by ian fleming on 8 January 2013 at 23:07

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