Wednesday, 02 September 2015

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Thomas and Sam put on fine display in the final

THE final of the Under-15 Years/10st Championship at Rusland was no simple matter of lads turning out for the fun of it, but the culmination of many years of training, travelling and competing.

Under-15/8st finalists: Winner Thomas Gibson, left, and Sam Wilson

At their age, I had competed once and had no idea what a wrestling mat was, but Thomas Gibson and Sam Wilson are old hands and old rivals.

Gibson has been coached by Alan Jones, Andrew Carlile and Tom Harrington at Carlisle Wrestling Club for several years, and Wilson’s father is Kendal Academy coach, John Wilson, nuff sed.

Their final match at Rusland was typical of many of their previous bouts. Gibson is younger, heavier and attacks; Wilson is slighter, more technical and reacts.

In the final, Gibson took the first fall, Wilson equalised with a twist and then Gibson clinched the winner.

At Rusland, James Hayhurst once more took both the Under-15s and the Under-18s, beating Ben Brocklebank in the Under-18 final.

Stuart Fleming again proved that he is the hidden asset of heavyweight wrestling. Only turning out at a few of his local venues, he has the power and class to beat the best.

At Rusland it was Graham Brocklebank in the final of the All Weights.

The Brocklebank family moved into winning ways at Torver when Ben won the 11½ stones and Graham was unbeatable in both the 13 stones and the Heavyweights.

Gosforth Show, unashamedly, concentrates on the youngsters, with five boys’ categories and none for men. Most of the wrestlers were locals unknown beyond their area, but it was good to see Paul Murray and his sister, Lyn, winning their sections.

At Allendale, John Harrington ruled the roost, although the Ridley brothers, and Gordon Nichol made him work hard for his three wins. Unfortunately, Adam Ridley broke his ankle when his leg twisted under him.

John Chicken of Haydon Bridge is a regular at wrestling events, not competing, but watching. For twenty-five years he has been a keen spectator, but at Allendale Show all that changed when he entered the 14 stones. Has a new star arrived?

Well, as he took hold against Jack Brown, he looked the part ……for several seconds.

The Bretons are here ready for the busiest ten days of our wrestling year. Their party consists of five men and two women, and they are expected straight from the Plymouth Ferry to compete at Grayrigg Show.


Allendale Show

Under-12 Years: 1, H Bertram; 2, G Singer; 3, H Robson. Under-15 Years: 1, A Singer; 2, G Singer; 3, H Bertram. Under-18 Years: 1, J Brown; 2, A Singer; 3, H Bertram. 11½st: 1, J Harrington; 2, A Ridley; 3, C Ridley. 14st: 1, J Harrington; 2, C Ridley; 3, J Brown. All Weights: 1, J Harrington; 2, G Nichol; 3, C Ridley.

Gosforth Show

Under-9 Years: 1, J Connor; 2, J Lamb; 3, J Bradley. Under-11 Years: 1, M Ratcliff; 2, J Lamb; 3, J Connor. Under-13 Years: 1, D Connor; 2, M Ratcliff; 3, C Loyd. Under-15 Years: 1, T Johnson; 2, A Phillips; 3, K Atkin. Under-18 Years: 1, P Murray; 2, J Atkin; 3, A Phillips. Girls: 1, L Murray; 2, J Hall; 3, J Robinson.

Rusland Show

Under-12 Years: 1, G Wilson; 2, R Albion; 3, J Wilson. Under-15/8st Championship: 1,T Gibson; 2, S Wilson; 3, J Wilson. Under-15: 1, J Hayhurst; 2, G Wilson; 3, J Wilson. Under-18: 1, J Hayhurst; 2, B Brocklebank; 3, M Atkinson. Girls: 1, C Hodgson; 2, L Wilson; 3, L Clough. 12½st: 1, M Atkinson; 2, J Hayhurst; 3, W Atkinson. AW: 1, S Fleming; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, W Atkinson.


Under-12: 1, G Wilson; 2, J Wilson; 3, H Mason. Under-15: 1, S Wilson; 2, G Wilson; 3, J Wilson. Under-18: 1, M Atkinson; 2, B Brocklebank; 3, W Atkinson. Ladies: 1, C Hodgson; 2, A Beswick; 3, L Albion 11½st: 1, B Brocklebank; 2, G Wilson; 3, C Naylor. 13st:1, G Brocklebank; 2, W Atkinson; 3, B Brocklebank. AW: 1, G Brocklebank; 2, J Robson; 3, W Atkinson. Costume: 1, J Wilson; 2, O Wilson; 3, W Atkinson.



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