Education system isn’t too bad – just make use of it 

Ron Martin’s class of 1936 had 44 children
Ron Martin’s class of 1936 had 44 children

MPs and teachers argue about the quality of the UK’s education system.

But every morning, on the media, yet another university study has identified yet another food, or activity, that we do or don’t indulge in; which “could” knock between five minutes and five years off our lives! And I’m 85!

So, the system can’t be too bad can it? The important thing is that it’s there; available to those who “want” to use it!

I started school in 1936 in a class of 44, in West London. In 1939, I was evacuated to Devon, where we were taught sitting in the local church pews, with classes separated by blankets hung on washing lines tied between the pillars.

I was then transferred to Glamorgan, where there were so many children that half were taught in the morning, while the others played in the playground; and vice-versa in the afternoon!

Then, when I was eight, I went back to London and the blitz.

One day I went to school in the morning to find it was a pile of bricks; so, we were sent to another school. There were no “trauma nurses”; and we just told our mums when we got home for tea; who said “Oh I see!” and we had tea!

Notwithstanding, I passed the 11+ in 1942 with the help of Miss Dimes; and went to one of those grammar schools, where Miss Froehlich taught us German (just in case!); before moving onwards and upwards to an enjoyable career in engineering that took me all around the world.

Ron Martin

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