Thursday, 03 September 2015

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European union not needed - just trade

With regard to the article ‘Why Cumbria Needs Europe - But Perhaps Not The Euro’ (The Cumberland News, October 28), the single market of Europe is accessible to us without the need to be involved in the part of Europe that most people find so annoying ie the political and legal side of the European Union (EU).

We were never asked if we wished to join the EU in the referendum of the 1970s. We were asked if we wanted to continue as part of the European Economic Community.

We could still be part of a trading Europe and businesses would not have to fill in any more forms or have any customs barriers if we reverted to the trading partnership status that we (myself included) voted to remain part of in the last referendum.

I would not have voted yes if I knew that the deceitful government was proceeding towards a Federal Europe.

Norway is a member of the EU; it has a European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement which extends the Internal Market, with its so-called four freedoms (free movement of goods, capital, services and persons), to Norway and two other countries; Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Norway controls its own immigration and fishing waters and makes its own laws.

Norway has rules on trade in common with the EU but is not dictated to by the EU and contributes less per year than we do per day to the EU.

We should only be in the EEA.

We would be able to fund business and agricultural grant systems ourselves, not need to tighten our belts so much and, possibly, even do more for pensioners, families with young children and homeless people if we did not pay such huge amounts of money to the EU.

This is the organisation that cannot balance its books and has not managed to for years.

Don’t you think we could manage the billions of pounds for our benefit rather than giving it to the EU and claiming part of it back?

David Cameron wants to take back some of the powers that have been given to the EU but that would not stop the European Court of Human Rights forbidding our repatriation of some criminals thereby putting the welfare of criminals before the welfare of UK citizens.

That would not prevent the personal income tax that the EU wants to impose on every EU citizen.

That would not stop the huge numbers of immigrants that are allowed to move here and claim benefits.

That would not return control of our fishing grounds to our Government.

I believe that we would be much better off financially outside the EU, reverting to the EEA which used to be the European Economic Community and being governed by our own Government.

At least we can vote them out if they do not listen to us.

The EU thinks that we have to do as we are told and does not care as long as we pay the required millions of pounds per day – and our contribution is soon to double.


  • It is good to see at last a proper and open debate about the good, the bad and the ugly re the EU and our relationship with it. n IT’S hardly surprising that Greece, the country worst hit by the EU’s austerity measures, is leading the opposition in Europe to direct interference from Brussels.

Regarding trade; a withdrawal from the EU would not make any difference to our doing business, we would enter into a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU, just as many other countries have.

What withdrawal would do is to remove the dead hand of Brussels from our manufacturers (it costs several billions of pounds per year in bureaucracy), therefore making our manufacturers and suppliers more competitive and profitable.

The suggestion that Germany or any of the other EU countries would stop trading with one of its largest markets is risible.

On the issue of funding, we are sending approximately £1.5bn per month to the EU and telling our children and grandchildren that we cannot afford to send them to university and, of course, downsizing our armed services.

I have had the pleasure of working in and around Europe and with many people in Europe.

Europe is not the problem, politicians in Brussels who are working to create a united states of Europe with complete control of its members, are the problem.

Beware, and before the shouts of little Englander, I am an internationalist, just as this country is and has been for centuries.

The Old Tannery

  • The financial crisis in the Eurozone, and current deficit in Britain can all be traced back to the financial mismanagement of bankers in the USA, with Britain’s banks following the US example of excessive risk-taking.

For that it should be applauded.

Can you imagine if the German chancellor, and French president were dictating British rates of income tax, VAT, wages, pension levels and which industries are to be cut back and privatised? There would be huge public opposition, and rightly so.

But that is exactly what the Greeks are facing.

At least, by holding a referendum, the Greek people are going to get a chance to say exactly what they feel about their country’s sovereignty being taken away from them.

The EU and the Euro zone are just mechanisms to destroy member countries’ right to self-determination and with it their jobs and services.

I sincerely hope the Greek referendum allows the nation, where democracy was born, to send a resounding message to Brussels that massive cost to ordinary people is not acceptable.

Let’s hope it will signal the death of the EU.

Communist Party of Britain
Wigton Road



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