Thursday, 03 September 2015

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A proud salute to all the achievers

Learning is its own rich reward – and if we can commit to that truth, at any point in life, we will have achieved something special. But to appreciate the full value and joy of learning, acknowledgement and celebration of all its forms and possibilities is necessary.

More than necessary – it’s inescapable. And for that reason, community recognition of inspired teaching, enthusiastic mentoring, coaching, counselling and committed pursuit of knowledge is wholeheartedly embraced in the CN Group Education Awards – the Golden Apples.

The education sector is a sturdy vessel. Tossed and battered, turned and diverted on a storm of politics, budgets, league tables, business plans and constantly moving goalposts, it nevertheless manages to weather every tempest with a dignity and purpose committed to the critical fundamentals of learning.

Given the obstacles and hindrances, it’s a wonder even survival is possible. But excellence is achieved, against so many odds, because of the inspiration and dedication of education professionals and the commitment of their students.

The Golden Apples unashamedly and wholeheartedly offer a Cumbrian community reward to all those who engage with the journey of learning which, at its best and most fulfilling, continues through life, having been fired with excitement in youth.

We proudly salute all our achievers in the firm belief that Cumbria’s future progress and prosperity rests in your hands.






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