Thursday, 03 September 2015

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Stop-off points announced for Appleby Horse Fair

Details have been released of where gypsies and travellers can stop on their journeys to and from Appleby Horse Fair.

Tens of thousands of people from all over Europe descend on the town for the landmark annual event, which takes place this year from June 5 to 11.

Some changes have been made at some of the stopping places traditionally used by those making their way to and from Appleby.

Sandford Road End is now no longer available, but there are facilities at some of the larger, more popular, traditional stopping places including Watty Yat at Mallerstang and Cote Moor, Fell End.

A spokesman for the multi-agency steering group which oversees the fair said: “It is important to all of the local communities that people travelling to the fair respect the restrictions that are in place.

“If travelling by motorised vehicle please do not set off too early. This helps ensure that those travelling by horse and bow top have suitable and sufficient stopping places available to them strategically located throughout their journey.

“At some locations provision is restricted to bow tops only, with grazing and a safe area being provided to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the horses.”

In Melmerby Village, a popular bow top stopping point, additional grazing for horses has been provided by a landowner, with the restricted areas being fenced off.

At Tyne Willows, Alston, bowtops are welcome, with the area previously available for motorised vehicles being reduced to ensure that bowtops have priority. Horses can graze on the school fields. The field at Black House Farm, just outside Alston heading towards Melmerby is available as usual and provides accommodation for motorised vehicles and bow tops.

The steering group spokesman said: “A vast amount of work with the local community and representatives from the gypsies and traveller community takes place to ensure that there are sufficient facilities for those travelling to the fair.

“We ask that these areas are respected by picking up rubbish and putting it in bins provided.”

Bow tops will be able to arrive from 5pm on Wednesday, June 4 to enter Fair Hill. No motor vehicles will be allowed until the following morning.

A field next to Fair Hill previously opened will not be available for general use this year. Details at



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