Saturday, 05 September 2015

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Police crackdown on Carlisle boy racers

Cumbria police launched a double crackdown in their fight against nuisance drivers in Carlisle and Penrith.

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Going by the comments left already it sounds like there are still a lot of hard feelings towards all car enthusiasts. Some people mention “boy racers” which is what this article is about going by the behaviour, but some mention young drivers which puts every car enthusiast into the same category of being a problem. Perhaps it's something that will never change but as a car enthusiast myself and speaking for a lot of other car enthusiasts out there, we really don’t want to be labelled this way. Some of the negative comments I can understand as there must be nothing worse than having horns blaring, revving engines and screeching tyres constantly going past your door or in the car park outside. I would be complaining myself. A police crack down on this behaviour can only be a good thing as these kind of drivers known as “boy racers” are also a big problem for us car enthusiasts.

The following behaviour is just stupidity and the boy racers involved deserve everything they get:

“Police investigated allegations that motorcyclists were breaching the terms of their licence, riding without insurance or without a crash helmet.”

“Drivers were also stopped on suspicion of having cars with illegally tinted windows, using mobile phones while driving, not wearing seatbelts or misusing fog lamps.”

“A driver was arrested for allegedly making off from patrols and driving along a one-way street without lights.”

Many people, as you can see from the comments here think all car enthusiasts drive like idiots and are a big nuisance. There is a big difference between a boy racer and a car enthusiast. A car enthusiast is someone who spends a lot of time and money on their pride and joy, whether it's to win trophies, take part in track days or just too simply enjoy. They do not want to waste it by doing something stupid, why blast your horn or screech your tyres to get attention when the tidiness and quality of your own car gets all the attention it needs. Boy racers more than likely have a car which doesn't quite catch the eye and a few dints here or there doesn't matter, they run it into the ground and they buy another. Look at the film Grease, an iconic family film about modifying cars and street racing, loved by many, yet those in reality who modify a car are a nuisance to society.

Everyone has a hobby, whether it's reading, fishing, clubbing or golf. Our's just happens to be cars, and unfortunately we are put in the same category as the idiot drivers out there who give us a bad reputation. If we were to head for town every weekend to drink or take drugs or vandalise things I could understand the negative comments towards us but we don’t. Like every hobby it has to be carried out somewhere, we organise our meets and events at locations away from residential areas so there is no cause for complaint. There is nothing wrong with chatting to other car enthusiasts in a car park in town centres as long as they are quiet, most of the time the public don’t know they are there.

Why don’t those who label us all “boy racers” come along to one of our events and see for themselves what a car enthusiast is. As always the public are very welcome. Check out for more details.

Posted by CTRJayne on 2 October 2010 at 21:56

To be fairly honest i have a modified car all declared and all legal.

when im in carlisle parked in the afformentioned carpark im not acting in any way anti social. im not loud, i dont wheelspin and the lights are even turned off at 12pm and everyone leaves.

i agree there are a few that let the side down and act dangerous and have no respect for others saftey and the law and they deserve all they get.

ive personally whitnesses motorbikes with no helmet and no registration plates/lights ect, cars wheelspinning and driving about irrisponcibly.

i dont condone nor associate with these people and i welcome the police to the carparks of carlsile. the law is there for a reason and it should be upheld.

if a police car was parked in the corner only there for the reason to stop illegal cars (non insured not taxed ect) then the road would be a safer place, this isnt just about the branded 'boy racer' scene it applies to the general public aswell.

think about it, if your car is legaly modified then what have you got to worry about? and when the police cant get you for anything they will leave. just because there there wont stop you chatting and having meets. and to be honest we get watched on cctv anyway so they know whats going on.

Posted by clock34 - steve on 28 September 2010 at 21:43

I dive 12 mile to come though to carlisle of a night time to drive tho to see my mates , im not one of these "boy racers" i park up most of the night , yeh i do a few laps of the town , but i dissagree with MOST of your comments below , what about the car enthusiasts, They park up and dont want there car damaged by "Boy racers" raceing around town , It dose not say in the artical about the people who park up , and talk ,
Well i was in St Nicholas Gate car park at the time when they were carrying out this "opperation" most of the time they were just stopping people . That had a loud exshaust , Tinted windows or had fog lights on , they pulled my mate who had put DRL`s on his front bumper and they pulled him for haveing his front fogs on , They even had the speed gun out , and testing Every one who passed
There is only about 20% of people that will park up and talk to there mates
I know when i go there im parked up for most of the night sat talking to my mates,
I think if more police passed though there will be less messing around,

Soon they will be putting gates on the entrances to the car park and locking it at night , meaning all the "boy racers" will just "race" around town

But if you drive like a tool, have your fog lights on , you should be stopped and delt with

Posted by Mr A on 28 September 2010 at 20:17

All under 20s should have no more than a 1000cc car and no car should be allowed to be modified FULL STOP. Damn Nuisance to our society!!!!

Posted by Xxxxxxxx on 28 September 2010 at 15:07

I can't believe how the one or two spoil it for the rest! Most of the above comments have grouped people in the category "boy racer", how stereotypical. I have a highly modified car and have met groups of friends for at least 5 years in St Nicholas Gate car park, not once have i wheel spun, blew my horn after hours, played loud music etc. I am a member of a car club in this area with over 4 thousand members, we were talking the other week about how the car scene is in decline. Well this is exactly why!! If the police were so interested they would have held the successful car safety day again this year at the race course and be doing more to help us get places to meet rather than bad mouthing people and grouping them. It makes me so mad.

I don't see local businesses complaining ie Burger King or the Shell garage who even stay open late! I dont think people realise just how much money is brought to the area through cars meeting in local car parks. As an example we had an organised cruise in Kendal last weekend which brought over 200 modified cars to the area. To be fair this was a quiet one as the weather was rubbish or was it because people are sick of being branded as a "boyracer"!!!!

In the report it noted what the police were looking for, not how many were caught commiting these crimes?? i would be really interested in seeing the figures.

All i can say is a bit more support to peoples hobbie would be grately appreciated rather than branding everyone with the "boyracer" tag!!!!

Posted by Miss Lou on 28 September 2010 at 12:18

george carelton. now he is a memory from the state control days. 'up the lane or charged'. shame all cops these days wernt a chip off his block.

Posted by ken on 25 September 2010 at 00:56

At least the police are starting to respond - if slowly at first. @ John Smith, drivers aged 16 may include scooters and other small motorbikes which can also be a nuisance

Posted by Dave on 24 September 2010 at 22:55

Yes I agree with anon. Every night of the week the boy racers let rip in Lowther Street, Warwick Road, Castle Way and other areas but nothing is done so why are the police taking so long to do something here. It'slaughable that they are only checking tinted windows etc. while on private property.In my 60's/70's youth days, Sgt George Carleton,Syd Monk and Willy Orr in the black Maria would have nipped trouble like this in the bud.

Posted by PETER J on 24 September 2010 at 19:43

its time, to hit them hard,make an example.arrest them,harsh penalties and distroy there cars, ban them from driving.

Posted by chris kelso on 24 September 2010 at 18:13

And what about chapel st I'm sure a boy racer drove down there 3 weeks ago where were the police then lol

Posted by Andy on 24 September 2010 at 18:11

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