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Wednesday, 05 August 2015

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MASTERCLASS: The final winners from the 2004 Carlisle and District Music and Drama Festival

John Abba Trophy, highest mark in any piano forte class: Shona Fenion. Molly Wilson Memorial Trophy, best all round female vocalist: Jenni Thornton. Joe Wallace Memorial Salver, winner with the highest mark Classes 21, 26, 27: Sally Ord & Ann Woods, Gilbert & Sullivan duet. JW Bowman Memorial Scholarship to most promising young singer in any of classes 15-21 and 23-27: Lereese Atkinson. Lancelyn Green Trophy, any speech & drama performance worthy of note: Sebastian Davidson.

Ronmar Trophy for highest mark in any instrumental class: Alex McQuiston. Michael Hancock bursary, most inspiring performance by any instrumentalist under 18yrs: Emily Ferrie. Dr FW Wadely Trophy, best all round male vocalist: Michael Deakin. Cumberland News Cup, winner of vocal solos finals competition: Anna Chaddock, Wigton.

Molly Wilson Memorial Cup, highest mark all speech and drama classes: St Monica’s Choric Verse. Class 10, boys 12yrs and over A Trophy: 1, Andrew Flynn, Whitehaven; 2, Simon Brockbank, Carlisle. Class 13 A, junior open vocal solo, 12-17yrs silver cup presented by Mrs T Wybergh: 1, Emily Greenhow, Keswick; 2>, Kerryann Wilson, Whitehaven and Lereese Atkinson, Whitehaven. Class 13 girls, 17yrs and under, the Mildred Reeves Cup and the Isobel Wybergh Bursary: 1, Lereese Atkinson, Whitehaven; 2>, Emily Greenhow, Keswick and Sophie Wilson, Frizington. Class 25 Operatic Solo, silver cup presented by Mrs I Wybergh: 1 equal, Richard C Kerr, Carlisle and Steve Layden, Brampton; 2, Lyn Young, Carlisle. Class 20, Bass, The William Lowes Trophy, presented by St Stephen’s Silver Band: 1, Richard Kerr, Carlisle; 2, Michael Deakin, Kirkbride.

Class 19, Baritone, the Caldew Cup: 1, Michael Deakin, Kirkbride; 2, Peter McIlroy, Carnforth. Class 16, Mezzo Soprano, The Sydney Nicholson Cup: 1, Anna Chaddock, Wigton; 2, Jenni Thornton, Keswick.

Class 17, Contralto, The Mrs William Thompson Cup: 1, Sally Ord, Dalston; 2, Jenni Thornton, Keswick. Class 15, Soprano, Cup presented by Miss Catlin: 1, Tracy Walker, Whitehaven; 2, Lyn Young, Carlisle.

Class 21, British composer, solo, The Ena Mitchell Memorial Cup presented by Elizabeth Lamb: 1, Michael Deakin, Kirkbride; 2, Jenni Thornton, Keswick. Class 23, Lieder Class, The Malcolm Dutrie Trophy, and the Kathleen Ferrier Trophy: 1, Michael Deakin, Kirkbride; and Jeremy Suter, Carlisle; 2, Peter McIlroy, Carnforth and Gill Allen, Carnforth.

Class 26, Songs from the Shows solo, the Sophie Graham cup for Frank Routledge Memorial: 1, Jenni Thornton, Keswick; 2 equal, Peter McIlroy, Carnforth, and Lereese Atkinson, Whitehaven. Class 68 Guitar solo, 9 and 10yrs the Scott Bradley Trophy: 1, Stephen Warwick, Carlisle; 2 equal, Natalie Banks, Carlisle and Matthew Usher, Carlisle. Class 29, family music making, open: 1, The Young Ones, Carlisle. Class 27A, Victorian/Edwardian ballad, the Geoffrey Hodgson Memorial Trophy: 1, Peter McIlroy, Carnforth; 2, Jenni Edgar, Gilgarran. Class 32, Vocal duet, open, trophy presented in memory of the late Mrs AE Snelgar: 1, Sally Ord, Dalston and Ann Woods, Dalston; 2, Jenni Edgar Gilgarran and John Damment, Cockermouth.

Class 24, Oratorio or Sacred Song solo, cup presented by Mrs Muriel Robinson in memory of JA Stewart: 1, Anna Chaddock, Wigton; 2, Michael Deakin, Kirkbride. Class 30, traditional Scottish songs, solo: 1, Peter McIlroy, Carnforth; 2, Terry Sharp, Brampton. Class 28 Folk song solo, 18yrs and over, Mrs Norman Fletcher Cup: 1, Emma Wynne, Whitehaven. Class 27, Gilbert and Sullivan solo, duet or ensemble, The Joe Wallace Trophy: 1, Sally Ord, Dalston and Ann Woods, Dalston; 2, Steven Layden. Class 11, girls 13yrs and under a silver cup: 1, Laura Marie Grearson, Whitehaven; 2, Rebecca Costigan, Bradford.

Class 12, girls 15yrs and under the Isobel Wybergh Bursary: 1, Rebecca Costigan, Bradford; 2 equal, Becky Hardman, Egremont and Kerryann Wilson, Whitehaven. Class 14A, junior folksong, 11-17yrs, a trophy: 1, Stephanie Metcalfe, Whitehaven; 2, Martin Bragg, Whitehaven. Class 7, girls 9yrs and under, a silver cup: 1, Sarah Gait, Wigton; 2, Amelia Butcher, Dalston. Class 6, boys 9yrs and under, a silver cup, presented by Mrs Tumble: 1, Flynn Le Brocq, Carlisle; 2, Jack McNeil, Carlisle.

Class 9, girls 11yrs and under, a silver cup: 1, Laura Marie Grearson, Whitehaven; 2 equal, Emma Johnston, Carlisle and Elizabeth Potter, Carlisle. Class 8, boys 11yrs and under, the Manx Trophy, presented by Miss Joyce Gilrae: 1, James Woodcock, Keswick; 2, Nathan Craig Woodmass, Carlisle. Class 31 vocal duet 11-17yrs: 1, Sharon Hay, Workington and Laura Swinburne, Workington; 2, Anna Hamilton, Brampton and Ian Mansbridge.

Class 92, String ensemble: 1, William Howard String Group, Brampton; 2, St Aidan’s Strings, Carlisle. Class 91, instrument ensemble, senior schools, the Michael Heath Memorial Trophy: 1, William Howard Trumpet Trio; 2, Austin Friars Instrumental ensemble. Class 93, String quartet open: 1, William Howard String Quartet; 2, Nelson Thomlinson School String Quartet. Class 94A: Orchestra Class Senior, The Ronmar Trophy: 1, William Howard Strings, Brampton; 2, ‘No Strings Attached’, Austin Friars School, Carlisle.

Class 72, Guitar solo open: 1equal, Samantha Nairn, Lochmaben and Daniel Verry, Carlisle. Prelude Guitar Shield: Samantha Nairn, Lochmaben.

Class 71, guitar solo 15 and 16yrs, trophy presented by Mrs EA Armstrong: 1, Daniel Verry, Carlisle; 2, Victoria Chandler, Carlisle. Class 70, guitar solo, 13 and 14yrs, trophy presented by Mrs EA Armstrong: 1, Samantha Nairn, Lochmaben; 2, Alisdair Taylor, Annan.

Class 69, guitar solo, 11 and 12yrs, trophy presented by Mrs EA Armstrong: 1, Aidan Baxter, Carlisle; 2, Elizabeth Lake, Penrith. Class 44, Woodwind solo 10yrs and under, The Tony Tears Cup: 1, Monica Strycharczyk, Carlisle.

Class 45, Woodwind solo 11 and 12yrs, The Anthony Tears Cup: 1, Rebecca Carson, Canonbie; 2, Graham Coward, Brampton. Class 54, recorder ensemble, primary schools, the Bill Cain Memorial Trophy: 1, Rosley C of E School, Wigton; 2, St Ursula’s School, Wigton. Class 55, recorder ensemble, open, The Cockbain Cup: 1, The Young Ones, Carlisle; 2 equal, Nelson Thomlinson Year 7 Wigton and St Monica’s School, Carlisle. Class 56, recorder solo, intermediate: 1, Cathy Smith, Wigton; 2, Jessica Trueman, Wigton. Class 73, violin solo, 10yrs and under, prize presented by the trustees of the Late Miss Crowther, a winners cup: Ceri E McCorry, Carlisle.

Class 79, violo solo, 10yrs and under, a winners cup: 1, Nicholas Wragg, Wigton. Class 74, violin solo, 11 and 12 yrs, a prize presented by the trustees of the late Miss Crowther, a winners cup: 1, Emily Ferrie, Carlisle; 2, Emma Gait, Wigton. Class 85, Violoncello solo: 12yrs and under: 1, Sarah Gait, Wigton; 2, Sophie Wragg, Wigton. Class 80, viola solo, 11-12yrs: 1, Emily Ferrie, Carlisle. Franklin Memorial Cup, most promising competition in classes 73, 74, 79, 80 and 85: 1, Emily Ferrie, Carlisle.

Class 1 Junior Choirs, Primary Schools, Challenge Shield, presented by the Friends of the late David Hodgson: 1, Hunter Hall School, Penrith; equal 2, Thursby School; St Monica’s, Carlisle.

Class 2 Senior Choirs, Secondary School, M N Bell Cup presented by Caldewgate School, Carlisle: 1, Austin Friars School, Carlisle; 2, Queen Elizabeth School, Penrith. Class 3a Children’s Action Songs, Infant Schools, 7 years and under, Austin Friars St Monica’s Trophy: equal 1, Hunter Hall School Penrith; Cumwhinton School, Carlisle; St Monica’s School, Carlisle.

Class 75 Violin Solo 13 and 14 years, a winners cup: Magdalena Loth-Hill, Brampton. Class 86 Violoncello Solo, 13 and 14 years:1, Lauren Downes, Appleby; 2, Melissa Neall, Wigton. Class 81 Viola, Solo 13 and 14 years: Magdalena Loth-Hill, Brampton. Class 76 Violin solo, 15 and 16 years: Joanna Blakeley, Brampton. Class 82 Viola solo 15 and 16 years: Sophie Ward, Penrith. Class 87a Violoncello Solo 17 and 18 years: 1, Joanna Mottershead, Wigton; 2, Christopher Wilson, Scotby. Class 78 Violin Solo, open: 1, Shona Fenion, Castle Douglas: 2, Magdalena Loth-Hill, Brampton. Class 88 Violoncello Solo Open: Alex McQuiston, Annan.

The Ethel Hogarth Memorial Cup for the most promising competitor in Classes 75-78, 81-84, 86-89: Alex McQuiston, Annan.

Class 46 Woodwind Solo, 13 and 14 years, The Tony Tears Woodwind Shield: 1, Josiah King, Ainstable; 2, Louise Brown, Carlisle. Class 47 Woodwind Solo Open, The C H Armstrong Memorial Shield: 1, Abigail Young, Carlisle;2, Simon Brooks, Great Corby.

Class 48 Woodwind Ensemble, open, The William Howard Shield:1, William Howard, Saxophone Ensemble: 2, William Howard, Senior Flute Ensemble.

Class 111 Shakespeare Solo Acting, 14 years and under: 1, Sebastian Davidson, Carlisle; 2, Stephen Hyde, Hunter Hall School, Penrith.

Class 97 Verse Speaking Girls, 9 years and under: 1, Ceri McCorry, Lowry Hill, Carlisle; equal 2, Sarah Gait, Hesket Newmarket; Catherine Lomax, Great Corby, Carlisle. Class 114 Duologue, 14 years and under: 1, Sebastian Davidson, Carlisle and Matthew Wernham, Cumwhitton, Carlisle; 2, Penny Ward, Longtown and Mark Steele, Longtown, Carlisle. Class 124 Solo Acting Open: 1, Jamie Conway, Talkin, Brampton; equal 2, Charlotte Higgins, Penrith; Kathryn O’Brien, Kirkoswald, Penrith.

Class 94 Orchestra Class Junior: Hunter Hall School, Penrith. Class 91a Handbells Junior Schools: 1 and 2, Cumwhinton School, Carlisle. Class 90, Instrument Ensemble Juniors Schools, The Instrumental Challenge Cup: 1, St Monica’s School, Carlisle; 2, St Ursula’s School, Wigton.

Class 102 Verse Speaking Boys, 14 years and under: 1, Ryan Dixon, Whitehaven; 2, Carlisle King, Kirkbride, Wigton.

Class 123 Solo Acting, 14 years and under: 1, Matthew Wernham, Cumwhitton, Carlisle:equal 2, Nicholas Jennings, Raughtonhead; Kate Conway, Talkin, Brampton.



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