Sunday, 30 August 2015

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How to work effectively from your home

Over the past decade the abundance of new and increasingly more sophisticated technology has presented more opportunities for businesses to allow employees to work from home. With a broadband connection, a phone and computer an employee can easily and effectively complete many of their tasks away from the office.

Having a WiFi enabled router and strong WiFi signal will allow you to move around your home rather than be connected to one place allowing freedom to work from anywhere at home.

A visual private network (VPN) connection will allow access to company files and folders just as it would if the employee were physically present in an office.

This means an employee can create or make changes to a certain file or folder then save and upload the file where others can view the file in a matter of minutes.

Free online tools for making and participating in conference calls means location is no longer a barrier to being in attendance at important meetings, not only cutting costs on travel but allowing a business with multiple locations to connect their employees and customers to each other.

Smartphones allow further benefits to home working as employees can call, text, video call and email customers or other employees. Smartphone applications can also be useful to businesses as too can the Smartphone calendar.

Using cloud computing allows home workers to have even greater flexibility.

The user can utilise video conferencing and document sharing in the cloud and living in an ever increasing mobile society we can access these services from a smartphone.



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