WITH VIDEO: Diggers rip through an historic Cumbrian hotel


An iconic hotel is rapidly becoming unrecognisable, as work to demolish it picks up pace.

Northumberland-based DP Contractors are currently working away to flatten the Skinburness Hotel, near Silloth, after it has stood empty for a decade.

It's fallen into a serious state of disrepair and has become an eyesore.

Last week the News & Star revealed the firm had bought the site, which had a guide price of £250,000, and planned to knock down the building and clear the area ready to sell on.

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Workmen are making progress on bringing down the building with much of its western wing being turned into rubble. The main section of the building, which has grand arches looking onto the main road through Skinburness, is still standing.

Dave Perry, who owns the demolition firm, said: "We are trying to recycle as much of it as possible. Even the archways of the front, if anybody wants them then come down and see us."

He added: "We've had lots of people coming down here to have a look. However, people are just walking on the site which is not safe to do."

It is estimated the demolition work will be completed in another two weeks.

The building, which is more than 130-years-old and built by Cumbrian architect Charles Ferguson, was stripped of all valuable fixtures after its former owners were declared bankrupt in 2006.

A £3m project to convert the site into a 64-room care home in 2010 never came to fruition.

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Ian   Stuart , Maidstone Thursday, 05 October, 2017 at 8:17PM
It's a few years since I last went past the hotel but always thought it would have been a good location for a remake of Psycho as it reminded me of the film every time I went past it and wondered if Norman Bates was in residence.
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