Cumbrian school unveils new uniform as 1,500 pupils return for new term


Changes have been made to a school's uniform to make it just that... uniform.

When 1,500 pupils from a north Cumbrian secondary school returned for the start of term this week they did so sporting a new look.

Youngsters from William Howard School in Brampton are now required to wear smart blazers while girls can now don unique blue checked skirts.

The changes were introduced by the school not only to make daily attire more comfortable but also to make sure that youngsters are all wearing the same items where possible.

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Headteacher Chris McAree said: "The idea behind the changes was to standardise the uniform, make them feel proud of it and it's something they have been involved with.

"Plus it's more comfortable and practical for the day, moving away from a heavy sweatshirt."

He added: "We have changed the main part of the uniform from a jumper to a blazer with the option for a jumper underneath. We have changed for the girls from a black skirt to a designated school skirt with checks on.

"In terms of the skirt it was a large point of conflict."

Mr McAree said that in particular parents had found it difficult to buy plain black skirts that were all similar to one another.

"So we've taken it away as a point of conflict and so it was uniform, instead of having different types, lengths, piping etc.

"We are very pleased with the uptake of skirts from the girls."

Year eight pupil Ellie Hayden, 12, said "I like the blazers as they are warmer than the jumpers.

"I do like the skirts too. I preferred the others but these aren't as bad as I thought they would be."

Abbie Eichstadt, 12, added: "The blazers are a lot smarter."

The head also said that parents predominantly have been on board with the changes.

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