Carlisle helps celebrate China Day


Teenager Li has been helping to bring the flair and flavour of the Far East to Carlisle.

The 14-year-old was demonstrating the art of Chinese painting at Tullie House as part of its efforts to mark China Day.

The city centre museum and art gallery hosted a series of events celebrating Chinese culture last Saturday.

It was held ahead of Sunday's national China Day.

Activities also included drumming workshops with musician Rick Middleton, Beijing Opera face painting, traditional costumes, Kung Fu and paper cutting.

Tullie House is one of the partners of the Confucius Institute at Lancaster University.

A new China Cafe has also been launched at the museum.

It allows people to gather and share Chinese culture, language, arts and literature as well as their own experiences of the Asian nation.

Next month Gloria Huang Zhonghui will be sharing her experience of being a Chinese language instructor and discussing the cultural differences she has encountered during her time in Carlisle.

The free lunchtime lecture will take place on November 7.

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