Brampton teenagers stride out in their very own Race for Life

Year 11 students at William Howard School, Brampton.
Year 11 students at William Howard School, Brampton.

More than 100 pupils laced up their running shoes and took part in a Race for Life at their school.

About 50 students from William Howard School ran a one mile course - while 87 took on a 5k route around the town in order to raise £1,000.

They left in rain and hail via Old Church Road and ran to the statue of William Howard on top of The Moat before returning to school.

Organiser Jim Connolly, curriculum leader for personal development, said: "The Race for Life appealed to us because we know that at this time of year, with GCSE exams around the corner, it is vital that our students remain physically active so that they can do their very best.

"All our students are encouraged to be active and engaged citizens and this event is a key way in which the year group can demonstrate their commitment to the community."

It's the first year William Howard has held a Race for Life in school but its something Mr Connolly said is here to stay.

"We were overwhelmed by the year 11s. We weren't sure how they would get behind it," he said.

"The benefit of doing it as a school-based event is that it is then open to both boys and girls. Race for Life events are normally all female.

"We chose it because the year 11 will have gone by the time sports day comes around.

"We want them to play their part for charity but also to have that sports participation which we know with their exams is one of the hardest things to get out and do - but also one of the most beneficial.

"It ticked lots of boxes."

Twenty members of staff also got involved and Mr Connolly said it felt like a real community event.

Donations are still coming in but he hopes that given the number of pupils who took part they will be able to smash their £1,000 target.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life raises money for research into cancer.

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