Brampton speed watch makes new recruits

Brian Pease of Brampton Speed Watch
Brian Pease of Brampton Speed Watch

New volunteers have come forward to ensure the future success of an already valuable campaign which has clamped down on speeding drivers.

Brampton Speed Watch now has three new volunteers, who joined following an appeal by existing members who wanted to double their numbers.

While they are still on the look out for anyone else who is interested, current volunteer Brian Pease was thrilled to see some new additions.

He said: "We've got three new volunteers who have come forward for training.

"That's a lot when you think about it. We're quite pleased about that.

"We're on the ball. It was well worthwhile. We need at least three or four more.

"We only want people to go out once a month."

Thomas and Dulce Brodie, who run the Howard Arms Hotel in Brampton, are among the newest recruits.

"We always like to support the community and we are always keen to help," said Mrs Brodie.

"As parents now, we have a little girl and we want to protect people from people who coming in and don't respect the speed limit."

Her husband, who has been part of the business association and town Chamber of Commerce for several years, added: "We always try to participate with the community, engaging with it in different challenges.

"We're very enthusiastic about it. We're very keen for safety for the town.

"Some of the young ones they really speed up and down.

"I understand the police cannot be everywhere and if we can put a little step forward to help, we are delighted to do so."

The team were presented with a new radar gun by Cumbria's police and crime commissioner, Peter McCall, at an event in the town centre last week.

Volunteers position themselves at one of a number of locations in the town, agreed with the police, to monitor the traffic for a total of between two to fours hours a week.

Vehicle details of speeding drivers are passed onto the police.

Volunteers will be given training.

Anyone aged over 21, who can get involved once or twice a month, is asked to call Mr Pease on 07769278459.

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