Brampton pub staff make mad-dash in charity battle


In the blue corner the destination was Blackpool. In the red they headed closer to home. But both teams clocked up the distance for charity, making a mad dash for mileage - and all on a shoestring.

Pub staff in Brampton gathered hundreds for good causes after they were challenged to get as far away from the town, by any means and on the smallest budget possible.

Workers at the Nags Head, in Market Place, were split into two teams.

And they took on the challenge in two very different approaches - over separate weekends to raise funds and awareness for Cancer Research and Conquer Chiari, which funds research and supports people with Chiari Malformation.

Both teams had some time ahead of their journeys to raise money for petrol and for support from businesses.

The blue team, led by bar manager Nikki Sims, made their way to Blackpool.

They raised £400 for a charity close to the heart of pub owner Vikki Gordon, whose teenage son Daniel was diagnosed with the Chiari Malformation five years ago.

The condition means a lower part of his brain pushes down into the spinal canal.

It can make him unable to stand because of severe headaches and dizziness, which affect his balance.

Daniel, a pupil at William Howard School, has undergone brain surgery twice.

The red team, meanwhile, only got as far as Carlisle.

But they totted up their mileage - a total of 233.3 miles - on an exercise bike, with members of the public taking their turn to help.

They stopped at Sally's cafe in Warwick Bridge before heading to the city's The Griffin pub, The Lanes Shopping Centre, AMF Bowling and Laser Quest, which all supported the challenge, providing food or entertainment for free.

Team leader and general manager Adam Ramsey said: "It was amazing.

"The whole team looked a bit reluctant when I pulled out the bike. They were a bit shocked.

"My vision was to try and raise some sort of awareness while having fun at the same time.

"It's a big thing to try and pull together. It was all worth it."

Adam said he expected the level of support, given that they were raising money for Cancer Research, and was thrilled to see so many passers-by hopping on the bike to tot up the mileage for his team.

They raised £351.

Vikki was tasked with overseeing both teams and scored them on how far they got, the amount of money they raised and how much fun they had while taking part.

Staff at the pub are no strangers to organising charity events and getting people in the town involved.

Adam says they will be looking to do something different next year.

"It's always good to have something fresh and new because if you keep doing the same things people lose interest," he said.

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