Nissan Qashqai Anniversary


It was a decade ago, that the first-generation Nissan Qashqai went on sale and it was an instant success. All but 100,000 vehicles were sold across Europe before the end of 207, and Nissan has never looked back.

Up until then, there was no vehicle which had successfully married the practicality and desirability of an SUV with the size, efficiency and dynamic performance of a compact hatchback. But with the Qashqai having won more than 80 awards since, including 19 recognising it as the 'Car of the Year', it has been a definite hit with the public.

Paul Willcox, Chairman of Nissan Europe, commented: "When the Qashqai launched in 2007 it was unique in the market place. It has remained as the number one crossover because it has stayed true to its original ideals, and because we have innovated and consistently added technology through the life of the car."

The Qashqai's innovative design and versatile packaging began back in 2002. The design team at Nissan were originally looking to develop a new Almera. But instead, conceived a car which truly reflected what buyers were looking for. It was truly 'Innovation and Excitement for Everyone'.

In the 10 years of the Qashqai, more than 2.3 million Qashqai's have been produced in Sunderland and sold in Europe, which makes it the region's best-selling crossover. In the UK in 2016, the Qashqai was once again the UK's 5th best-selling car.