North Cumbrian primary school pupils learn lifesaving skills


Children from a rural village school were given lessons on how to be lifesavers.

Pupils at Fir Ends School in Smithfield, near Longtown, were given vital training to help save the lives of their friends and families in the event of an emergency.

Their teacher Donna Johnston said: “They’ve really enjoyed it.

“They’ve definitely found it useful. I think, especially where we are, it’s a really important skill for them to have.

“It’s been done in such a nice way. The children understand that it is an important issue. They have all listened really well.

“Nobody has been frightened by it. It was aimed at them and it’s been really successful.

“It has been a valuable experience. We would certainly recommend it to other schools.”

Sarah Nixon, of Daisy First Aid, held hour-long lessons for different age groups throughout the day.

The qualified paediatric first aid instructor is passionate that every child should be taught basic lessons in life-saving skills.

“It’s just about giving them confidence and keeping them calm and getting those skills in at a young age,” she said.

“It’s got them thinking about it and if that’s all they get from it, from me personally, I think it’s a box ticked.

“If they know how to call an ambulance they are prepared and they know somebody will help them on the other end of the phone.

“Even if they go away with those tiny nuggets, it’s helping to save a life and that’s what we are trying to teach them at a young age.”

Sarah runs the franchise in north Cumbria and southwest Scotland, teaching families and school pupils from the age of seven.

About four years ago the school raised enough money to buy a defibrillator for the village and staff and pupils were given training on how to use it.

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