Our staff

The Cumberland News is a weekly newspaper that serves an area including Carlisle, west Cumbria, Penrith and parts of south west Scotland.

In recent years it has picked up many regional and national awards.

Editor: David Helliwell

PA to editor: Alison Sisson
Tel: 01228 612617
Email: alison.sisson@cnmedia.co.uk

Associate editor: Chris Story
Tel: 01228 612693
Email: chris.story@cnmedia.co.uk

Head of production: Andy Nixon
Tel: 01228 612676
Email: andy.nixon@cnmedia.co.uk

Online editor: Ian Brogden
Tel: 01228 612677
Email: ian.brogden@cnmedia.co.uk

News editor: Emily Parsons
Tel: 01228 612653
Email: emily.parsons@cnmedia.co.uk

Deputy news editor: Nick Griffiths
Tel: 01228 612206
Email: nick.griffiths@cnmedia.co.uk

Acting business editor: Duncan Bick
Tel: 01228 612657
Email: duncan.bick@cnmedia.co.uk

Farming reporter: Maureen Hodges
Tel: 01228 612221
Email: maureen.hodges@cnmedia.co.uk

Chief reporter: Phil Coleman
Tel: 01228 612298
Email: phil.coleman@cnmedia.co.uk

Education reporter: Kelly Pattison
Tel: 01228 612641
Email: kelly.pattison@cnmedia.co.uk

Health reporter: Pam McGowan
Tel: 01228 612661
Email: pam.mcgowan@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Pamela McClounie
Tel: 01228 612232
Email: pamela.mcclounie@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Jonny Irving
Tel: 01228 612660
Email: jonny.irving@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Matt Cobb
Tel: 01228 612204
Email: matthew.cobb@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Freya Findlay
Tel: 01228 612695
Email: freya.findlay@cnmedia.co.uk

Reporter: Jenny Brown
Tel: 01228 612220
Email: jenny.brown@cnmedia.co.uk

West Cumbria reporter: Jenny Barwise
Tel: 01946 595152
Email: jenny.barwise@cnmedia.co.uk

Dep. features editor: Mark Green
Tel: 01228 612205
Email: mark.green@cnmedia.co.uk

Features writer: Roger Lytollis
Tel: 01228 612662
Email: roger.lytollis@cnmedia.co.uk

Features writer: Stephen Blease
Tel: 01228 612663
Email: stephen.blease@cnmedia.co.uk

Head of imaging: Stewart Blair
Tel: 01228 612633
Email: stewart.blair@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Stuart Walker
Tel: 01228 612269
Email: stuart.walker@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Dave Hollins
Tel: 01228 612631
Email: dave.hollins@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Louise Porter
Tel: 01228 612635
Email: louise.porter@cnmedia.co.uk

Photographer: Paula Paisley
Tel: 01228 612631
Email: paula.paisley@cnmedia.co.uk

Asst editor (sport): Phil Rostron
Tel: 01228 612687
Email: phil.rostron@cnmedia.co.uk

Deputy sports editor: Tony Harrison
Tel: 021228 612685
Email: tony.harrison@cnmedia.co.uk

Sports reporter: Jon Colman
Tel: 01228 612690
Email: jon.colman@cnmedia.co.uk

Sports reporter: Thomas Reeves
Tel: 01228 612686
Email: thomas.reeves@cnmedia.co.uk