Sunday, 30 August 2015

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Group to fight for new Ulverston supermarket

MANY people support plans for a new supermarket in Ulverston – but they need someone to speak up for them, according to one resident.

Cath Thompson is setting up a pressure group in support of the Robinsons and Sainsbury’s proposals for new supermarkets in the town because she feels her views are not adequately represented on Ulverston Town Council.

She said: “I think both ideas should be encouraged.

“I know a lot of people want to see somebody go forward for them and I would be gobsmacked if the ‘Yes’ campaign didn’t gain a lot of ground.

“After the last council meeting I am even more determined not to let this go.”

The council has yet to take a stance on Sainsbury's supermarket plan as a planning application for the site, off the A590, is yet to be submitted.

Councillors debated the issue in principle at the last town council meeting, but Mrs Thompson said she did not believe the right discussions were taking place.

She said: “At the meeting they just talked about the traffic issues on the A590, but they are not insurmountable.

“The developers couldn’t do this without taking it into consideration.

“I didn’t think the council had the town’s best interests at heart.

“There seemed to be a lot of people acting out of personal interest.”

Mrs Thompson believes the recent retail report that described the number of people that shop in Ulverston as “reasonably healthy for a centre of its scale” was selective and unrepresentative.

The South Lakeland Retail Study Update 2012 found that 57.7 per cent of people shop in Ulverston, more than the 30 per cent previously claimed by Robinsons.

Mrs Thompson said: “If the town is going to expand, the rest of it has to expand with it.

“Ulverston is notorious for denying any form of competition.

“We are quite apathetic in Ulverston sometimes but if we stand up and say we need these developments people will get behind it.”

Sainsbury’s is consulting the public before submitting a planning application to South Lakeland District Council, and says it hopes to “bring the project forward as soon as possible”.

Robinsons declined to comment on its plans for an as-yet-unnamed supermarket at its former brewery in the town centre, but the council expects a revised planning application will be submitted “in due course”.

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The government want people to work so if that is the case ulverston council and the non local people that reside in my birth town of ulverston should adhere to this and build the supermarkets so people can have jobs it is simple as that their are more shops closing all the time blockbuster has only had a stay of execution for now their is no men's clothing shops at all anymore as junction closed down one butchers shop which is ridiculousley expensive considering we had load years ago fruit and veg shops we had quite a few of them years ago as well now we have one so who gets what and which jobs in ulverston and why should ulverstonians have pay nearly £6 for bus fares to go and work in barrow or Kendal we shoulsnt have to ulverston is just a town and we used to have a good trade years ago but all that has gone so now we must get these supermarkets built and now because we the people the true locals need jobs out of owner's that have only lived here for a short time never knew what it used to be like but I do so I ask the council to say yes and build them both now we need more than just sainsburys and whichever Robinson's want to build we need a lot more now

Posted by kevin potts on 29 January 2013 at 01:03

More shops more supermarkets and more jobs yes please yet isn't it funny how all them years ago when ulverston was a nice town then they decided to put a bloody motorway through the centre of ulverston just for barrow and for people to go and shop in barrow because it certainly didn't benefit ulverston having it put in so now we have to expand in the modern world the 1800s have long gone but it seems a lot of people want live like that well tough its nearly 2013 time for change and growth build the supermarkets in ulverston now because look how many shops have shut now and they haven't even built the supermarkets yet so who is to blame for shop closures now

Posted by kevin potts on 19 November 2012 at 11:57

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