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Friday, 25 April 2014

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Cumbrian mountaineer’s charity plays host to Himalayan pals

mwdougs A mountaineer who has conquered peaks across the Himalayas is paying back the people who have helped him achieve his ambitions.

Last updated 28 June 2013
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Wow factor of new Lake District dinosaur attraction

dino3 Colin Taylor is living in the past. Things that happened years ago are still whirring through his mind. Come on, Colin. It was a long time ago – 150 million years, in fact.

Last updated 24 May 2013
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Community stalwarts honoured at Carlisle Civic Dinner

Carlisle Community awards photo 5 The unsung heroes of Carlisle, around whom communities thrive, have been given the recognition they so richly deserve.

Last updated 5 April 2013
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

What Cumbria needs most from the Budget

Gaynor Green photo Leading Cumbrian reveal their wishlist for this week's Budget.

Last updated 18 March 2013
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Aid worker returns from setting up a refugee camp in Jordan

rae888sirte I recently arrived back in Cumbria from north Jordan. Shivering, but no longer struggling to navigate stinging sandstorms or deal with the blistering hot days and chilly nights of the Syrian Desert. It was my job to manage a team who provided protection and services for children. We set up 18 tented safe play facilities where parents could feel confident we would look after youngsters, while they did their best to make their canvas homes as comfortable as possible and ensured they were registered for food.

Last updated 14 December 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

How long until Cumbria gets 4G or even decent 3G coverage?

4ga If time is money, then saving it has to be good for business – as Tim Ellis has been finding out. “We have to send large files by email not just around the country but across the world,” explains the company director.

Last updated 5 November 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

‘It is the most horrific time of your life, but they make it bearable’

hosp1room You never want to use a hospice. “But it is a phenomenal facility and I’m so proud of the work they do,” says Helen Skelton. The daredevil Blue Peter presenter speaks for thousands of Cumbrians and speaks from personal experience.

Last updated 12 October 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Making the grade

andy moiratatt It’s the grouse season, in case you didn’t know. The time of year when businesses and politicians complain about falling standards in schools. There are claims that testing pupils’ skills and knowledge is too weak, that pass grades are too low, that the exams are too easy and the results are meaningless.

Last updated 7 September 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Is the Lake District stealing north Cumbria’s thunder?

Victoria Farley photo It’s the old argument that never seems to go away: Them and us, north v south. Except this issue isn’t about the state of the UK and how different life is north of Watford.

Last updated 13 July 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Doug Scott: A man who needs to keep connecting with the outdoors

Doug Scott photo It seems the last thing Doug Scott wants to do is talk. He’s in the garden. Then he’s in the kitchen. Then the office. Then the garden again. I’m chasing him around as if we’re in a Benny Hill sketch. This is what he’s like, I’m told. Busy. Hard to pin down.

Last updated 29 June 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Carlisle cannot just rebrand 2,000 years of history

John Wyllie photo Branding and marketing nowadays is more important than ever. It seems we judge things not just by how they look, but by how they sound.

Last updated 8 June 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Local newspapers: A special relationship underpinning community life

David Helliwell photo Community in Cumbria is as important to people who live here as is food, drink, the landscapes we love, the friends we cherish.

Last updated 25 May 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Young Cumbrian powerlifter eyeing world championships glory

Richard Goddard photo The life of a record-breaking powerlifter is not all glamour. The bulk that’s so effective at lifting heavy metal causes complications in the outside world.

Last updated 4 May 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Retirement hasn't put brakes on Cumbria's mister perpetual motion

Geoff Brazendale photo Forget turbines, nuclear, fracking and wavepower, you could solve any energy crisis by using Geoff Brazendale. Strap him into a harness, wire him up, fit him to some pedals, anything that could capture his output.

Last updated 27 April 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

‘I will have to give more or charities will receive less’ says ex-Greggs boss

Ian Gregg photo Ian Gregg is a worried man. You would not expect it of the man who took over the pies and cakes firm in 1964 and developed it into a national company and household name.

Last updated 20 April 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Helga Frankland: The ultimate Cumbrian land girl

Helga Frankland photo South of the village of Ravenstonedale roads soon turn into dirt tracks. Horses and sheep wander across them and an expanse of green scored with drystone walls forms the view as far as the eye can see.

Last updated 13 April 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Cumbria's pride takes battering in 'great places to live' survey

Cumbria is a great place to live. Isn’t it? Perhaps the conventional view should be re-examined. Because the county’s pride has just been battered by research which suggests exactly the opposite.

Last updated 13 April 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

The Cumbrian priest with a chapel in his attic

John Musther photo It is a treasure tucked inside a tiny two up two down terrace sandwiched into a blink-and-you-miss-it side street. It is a work of art, an amazing display of dedication, almost a minor miracle.

Last updated 5 April 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk

Should the Government be allowed to snoop on what we do online?

Stuart Hyde photo It could be a scene from some nightmarish sci-fi future: Thousands of faceless government orderlies in open plan office cubicles, each monitoring little screens, checking on what internet sites we visit and the messages we send. (5 comments)

Last updated 5 April 2012
Published by http://www.cumberlandnews.co.uk


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