Shakin' Stevens: Homeward bound in more than one sense

Shakin' Stevens
Shakin' Stevens

With his biggest UK tour only weeks away, platinum selling singer Shakin’ Stevens is set to take his brand-new album on a 32-date tour.

With 33 hit singles and four UK number ones to his name, he will be exciting audiences with performances of new tracks from the long-player, Echoes Of Our Times, along with classic hits and a few surprises.

Starting the tour at The Sands Centre in Carlisle, next month, Stevens revealed that Cumbria is closer to his heart than fans may think.

“Part of my family grew up here in Cumbria. When the mines closed, my grandfather re-located the family up to Coniston where they could continue mining.

“I haven’t been to Carlisle for a very long time, usually when we’re on tour we don’t get much time to look around – but I hope I have a few spare hours this time.”

This tour is set to coincide with the release of his 12th studio album Echoes Of Our Times, a surprising record on which blues, roots, Americana and classic rock take centre stage as he explores his mysterious and intriguing family history.

“I didn’t know anything about my family. But you get to a part of your life where you want to know the history and where your ancestors came from. So from researching I began to create these songs – from copper mines to unearthing family secrets. The history and music evolved and along came the album Echoes Of Our Times,” he said.

These uncovered stories became the inspiration for many of the songs that make up this collection. They were, however, a departure for him.

“I have never before written a song that is so personal. Some of the tracks directly relate to stories and situations about my family past, while others are more of a social comment relating to the world that my ancestors, and we, live in,” he added.

With a career spanning more than 50 years, Shakin’ Stevens has changed his sound on many occasions.

“Fans are always keen for a new style. This album is very different from my previous hits. But I much prefer this sound, all artists move on and try new things.

“I’ve missed being on the road. I’m always working hard even though when you’re not releasing an album people assume you’re not working – which is far from the truth.

“This album and tour is a great new mix. There will be two female singers, a backing band and it’s brought in a brand new audience as well.”

Shakin’ Stevens is at The Sands Centre on Saturday April 15. Tickets at the box office.

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