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Primestock - Longtown, Thursday, May 30


Thursday May 30


TOTAL FORWARD 59 prime cattle, 8 young bulls, 354 prime lambs, 3,384 prime hoggs and 3,173 cast ewes & rams

Judge Mr S Stoddart

A similar show of prime cattle sold a shade sharper on the week. Topping the sale at 257.5p was a Limousin bullock shown by A & WJ Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen. Limousin heifers sold to 251.5p also from the same home. Messrs Taylor’s run of 12 cattle averaged 242.4p. Limousin bullocks sold to a top gross price of £1,804.43 from JC & D Nicholson, The Gill, whose run of cattle levelled 243.5p.

A shortage of prime bulls forward with more needed to take advantage of the good trade. Top price to 246.5p and 242.5p for British Blue from J. Retson & Son, Gardrum.

The 3,384 prime hoggs were a large show for the time of year and were more keenly sought after in any weight range providing they were good meat, with lean hoggs realisation. The sale average was 195p per kilo with best hoggs regularly between 220p and 240p per kilo. 33 sold as stores, 469 two tooth hoggs, 1,140 light hoggs, 2,091 others. The sale was topped at £135 for Texels from Hillside with a top per kilo of 268p for Beltex from the same home.

The 1,140 lightweight hoggs sold to a top of £80.50 for Texels from Hillside.

A grand show of 354 prime lambs was forward at the Annual Show & Sale. More numbers were forward than expected as most farmers are behind their normal selling time. A busy ring of buyers keen for lambs saw a fine average of 253p per kilo, selling to a top of 323p per kilo and £142 per head for Texels from Land Farm. More could be sold to vendors advantage. Many firms keen to kill Friday morning and smart Texel and Beltex lambs didn’t need to be too much weight to realise between 280p and 320p per kilo.

Another fine show of 3,173 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade being similar for heavy ewes but lightweight ewes up between £5 and £6. More can now be sold to advantage.


Single Prime Lamb: Champion – Messrs Martindale, Land Farm – 44 kilo Texel sold at £142 to S. Stoddart. Reserve – Messrs Musgrave, Cardew Hall – 45 kilo Texel sold at £126 to S. Stoddart.

Pair of Prime Lambs: Champion – Messrs Brough, Old Rectory – 42 kilo Texels sold at £122 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb. Reserve – Messrs Martindale, Land Farm – 40 kilo Texels sold at £116 to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb.


BULLOCKS – per kilo, Limousin 257.5p Dashwellgreen. British Blue 240.5p (x2) Dashwellgreen.

Per head, Limousin £1,804 The Gill. British Blue £1,659, £1,635 Dashwellgreen. Charolais £1,608 Sceughdyke.

HEIFERS – per kilo, Limousin 251.5p, 250.5p Dashwellgreen. Charolais 250.5p Hallburn. Angus 218.5p Hallburn.

Per head, Limousin £1,589 Ladyhousesteads. British Blue £1,395 Gardrum. Charolais £1,352 Hallburn.

BULLS – per kilo, British Blue 246.5p, 242.5p Gardrum. Simmental 203.5p, 185.5p Stirches Mains. Limousin 192.5p Becton Hall. Galloway 184.5p Dunnabie.

Per head, British Blue £1,467, £1,429 Gardrum. Limousin £1,212 Becton Hall. Simmental £1,159, £1,140 Stirches Mains. Black & White £1,105 Becton Hall.

HOGGS – per head, Texel £135 Hillside and Shepherds Cottage. Suffolk £131 Spawell. Hill Cheviot £123.50 Bloan Farm. Charollais £117.50, £109.50 Southend. Blackface £115.50 Meggethead. Greyface £97.50 Dirrops. Beltex £85.50 Snade. Swaledale £60 Stonehouse and Sanders Close.

Per kilo, Texel 268p Hillside. Hill Cheviot 243p, 242p Southend. Beltex 238p Snade. Charollais 228p, 226p Southend. Suffolk 214p Golden Lane. Jacob 214p Golden Lane. Herdwick 208p Auchentaggart. Greyface 204p New Hummerbecks. Blackface 200p Broomhills and Thorns.

Lightweight, Texels £80.50 Hillside. Jacob £75 Golden Lane. Hill Cheviot £71.50 Whiteside. Blackface £69.50 Branteth. Greyface £65 Whiteside. Herdwick £62.50 Auchentaggart. Beltex £61 The Laurels. Lleyn £61 Glenlea. Suffolk £60 Sornfallow and Golden Lane. Charollais £59.80 New Hummerbecks. Roussin £54.50 Glenlea.

LAMBS – Per head, Texel £142 The Land. Suffolk £126 Cardew Hall. Charollais £112, £110, £109 Rottington Hall. Dorset £104 Porteath. Zwartbles £100 Woodhousehill.

Per kilo, Texel 323p, 293p The Land. Beltex 306p New Hummerbecks. Suffolk 283p Mossband Hall. Charollais 290p, 272p Rottington Hall. Dorset 260p Porteath.

CAST EWES – Heavy ewes, Texels £126.50 Townhead. Suffolk £110.50 Longyester. Charollais £104.50 Jonesboro House. Beltex £94.50 Snade Farm. Half Bred £90.50 Adderston Shiels. Leicester £90.50 Sanders Close. Greyface £83.50 Hopehill. Zwartbles £84 Woodhousehill. Cheviot Mule £82.50 Stud Farm. Bleu d’Maine £81.50, £80.50 Braithwaite Hall. North Country Cheviot £79.50 Sornfallow.

Hill ewes, Blackfaces £67.50 Longyester. Hill Cheviot £65.50 Byreburnside. Lleyn £64.50 Roan Cottage. Jacob £60 Main Street. Swaledale £59.50 Stotsfold. Easycare £50.50 Marygate. Shetland £46.50 Breconside. Herdwick £41.50 Cowcorse.

RAMS – Suffolks £130.50 Longyester. Texel £126.50 Longyester. Charollais £118.50 Pates Hill. North Country Cheviot £110.50 Stud Farm. Hill Cheviot £88.50 Tushielaw. Beltex £78.50 Hopehill. Berrichon £72.50 Shatton Lodge. Swaledale £69.50 Stotsfold. Blackface £68.50 Cramalt. Goats to £58 Maidencots.

AVERAGES – Steers Medium to 257.5p (231.6p); Heavy to 245.5p (232.3p); Heifers Light to 251.5p (205.3p); Medium to 250.5p (215.4p); Heavy to 244.5p (208.1p). Young bulls 246.5p (201.5p). Hoggs Light to 210.0p (170.2p); Standard to 241.0p (188.4p); Medium to 268.0p (207.6p); Heavy to 243.0p (214.5p). Shlgs 214.0p (169.2p). Lambs Light to 261.0p (236.0p); Standard to 306.0p (254.5p); Medium to 323.0p (255.5p); Heavy to 270.0p (224.7p). Shlgs 243.0p (175.8p). Ewes Light to £67.50 (£46.90). Heavy to £126.50 (£76.92). Cast Rams £130.50 (£87.99).


Tuesday June 4

TOTAL FORWARD 136 Cattle, 32 Bulls, and 686 Prime Sheep comprising of 438 Spring Lambs, 70 Hoggs and 178 Ewes.

A larger show of prime cattle to average 225p/kg. Commercial types 200-215p with the top end peaking at 254.5p/kg for a 607kg Limousin Heifer from Messrs RE Miller, West Farm purchased by RJ Harrison, Wigton. Heifers to £1690.75 for a 721kg Limousin from Messrs J Dixon & Son, Lesson Hall.

Steers sold to a top price of 253.5p for a British Blue Steer shown by JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm which was also purchased by RJ Harrison, Wigton. Steers to £1668.05 for a 730kg Limousin from Messrs Jefferson, Abbey Cowper.

Bulls were good to sell, selling to a top of 240.5p three times, twice for Messrs Taylor, Fellend with a British Blue and a Blonde, and also for Messrs JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm with a British Blue. Bulls to £1773.29 for a 766kg Limousin from Ashburner Ltd, High House, Sandwith.

OTM cattle sold to a top of 233.5p/kg twice, once for a Limousin Heifer shown by DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage and again for a British Blue Heifer shown by Messrs JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm.

A wonderful show of meated lambs ranging from 35kg (£105) to 50kg (£152). Demand was again strong for all classes to produce an auction average of 271p/kg. Some lighter weights just below the £100 mark but in general £105-£125 regardless of weight to a top of £152 twice for Messrs RE Miller, West Farm with 52kg and 48kg Charollais Lambs. Pence per kilo returns dominated by the lighter weights to a top of 333.3p for 39kg Texels from Messrs Bowe, Bothel Parks. More lambs are required to meet the strong demand.

A small show of hoggets to a top of £130 paid to GEH & SJ Stoddart, Hillside for a Texel which was also top price per kilo at 240.7 purchased by RJ Harrison, Wigton.

A good entry of ewes and a strong trade to a top of £120 for a pen of three Beltex ewes from Messrs Jefferson, Abbey Cowper. Continental ewes in good condition generally £80-£95. Mules to £75 for Messrs Rawling, Croft Field House.


HEIFERS – Limousin 254.5 West Farm; British Blue 245.5 Low House Farm; Blonde 238.5 The Old Vicarage; Charolais 209.5 Wiza Farm.

STEERS – British Blue 253.5 Greenhill Farm; Limousin 243.5 Low Whinnow Farm; Blonde 228.5 West Farm; Bazadaise 218.5 Galemire House; Charolais 206.5 Town Head; Friesian 186.5 Parkgate Hall.

BULLS – British Blue 240.5 Greenhill Farm, 240.5 Fell End; Blonde 240.5 Fell End; Limousin 236.5 Greenhill Farm; Charolais 209.5 Whitelees; Simmental 199.5 Ellenbank; Holstein 189.5 Kiln Close; Friesian 173.5 Seacroft.

Averages: STEERS - LW 229.5(208) MW 253.5(228.47) HW 242.5(222.39); HEIFERS - LW 249.5(226.3) MW 253.5(223.7) HW 254.5(227.33); BULLS - LW 236.5(207.76) MW 240.5(219.63) HW 231.5(214.23)

OVERAGE CATTLE – Limousin Heifer 233.5 The Old Vicarage; 227.5 220.5, 218.5, 214.5 Scales Hall. British Blue Heifer 233.5, 222.5 Greenhill Farm; 209.5 Kiln Close.

SPRING LAMBS – p/head - Texel £152 West Farm; Beltex £146 Abbey Cowper; Millenium Bleu £144 Loughrigg; Rouge £142 Loughrigg; Suffolk £140 Loughrigg; Charollais £127 Loughrigg; Ryeland £90 Lowfield House; Kerry Hill £80 How End.

p/kg - Texel 333.3 Bothel Parks; Millenium Bleu 327.5 Loughrigg; Beltex 324.4 Abbey Cowper; Charollais 317.5 Loughrigg; Suffolk 304.3 Loughrigg; Rouge 295.8 Loughrigg; Ryeland 219.5 Lowfield House; Kerry Hill 190.5 How End.

Averages: SW 333.3(269.65) MW 327.5(270.73) HW 316.7(262.58) OW 237.7(236.48)

HOGGETS – p/head - Texel £130 Hillside; Cont £77 Lowfield House.

p/kg - Texel 240.7 Hillside; Cont 183.3 Lowfield House.

Averages: MW 235(204.46) HW 220.4(206.95) OTHERS 240.7(190.8)

PRIME EWES – Beltex £120 Abbey Cowper; Texel £100 Nealhouse Farm; Suffolk £107 Low Blaithwaite; Mule £75 Croft Field House.

RAMS – Charollais £72 Mechi.


Monday June 3

A much larger show of 142 prime bulls forward with more quality evident. Top price per kilo was 241.5p (£2272.52) for an outstanding British Blue from Messrs Barker, Stock A Steads, Bewcastle.

An improved show of prime cattle were again very well bid for, resulting in a top price of 263.5p/kg for a British Blue bullock, which also registered the top overall price of £1844.50, from Messrs Dodd, West View. Heifers sold to 259.5p/kg (£1660.80) for a British Blue from Messrs Lawson, Kirkland Green.

Hoggs again met a good enquiry, selling to a top of £100.30 for Texels from New Hall. Meaty hoggs still achieving 200-210ppk.

The largest show of spring lambs to date. Overall sale average levelled at 241.7ppk. Smart export types were all 260ppk plus topping at 292.9ppk for a great pen of Texel cross lambs shown by M/s Urwin of The Square and purchased by Andrew Dawson. Top price per head was £130.80 paid for a very smart Texel cross lamb shown by M/s Pearson of Wavercroft this sold to Robert Skelton.

A larger show of ewes were significantly dearer on the week topping at £107.50 for Texels from M/s Pearsons of Wavercroft.


BULLS – p/kg - British Blue 241.5p Stock A Steads; Limousin 239.5p Howgillside; British Blonde 219.5p Scales Hall; Charolais 211.5p Wood Park; Simmental 202.5p Newbie Mains; British Friesian 199.5p Hillside; Aberdeen Angus 195.5p Upper Brydekirk. Holstein/Friesian 182.5p High Whinnow; Holstein 177.5p Briggle Farm.

p/head - British Blue £2272.52 Stock A Steads; British Blonde £2135.74 Scales Hall; Limousin £1845.70 Scales Hall; Charolais £1649.70 Wood Park; British Friesian £1544.13 Hillside; Simmental £1318.28 Newbie Mains; Holstein/Friesian £1233.70 High Whinnow; Aberdeen Angus £1214.06 Upper Brydekirk; Holstein £1049.49 Briggle Farm.

STEERS – p/kg - British Blue 263.5p West View; Limousin 255.5p West View; Bazadaise 209.5p Church Farm; Belted Galloway 205.5p Eden Glass; British Friesian 185.5p Gelt Hall Farm.

p/head - British Blue £1844.50 West View; Limousin £1826.57 Cardew Hall; Bazadaise £1354.82 Gelt Hall Farm; British Friesian £1283.66 Gelt Hall Farm.

HEIFERS – p/kg - British Blue 259.5p Kirkland Green; Limousin 243.5p Halfway Well; Bazadaise 235.5p Church Farm.

p/head - British Blue £1660.80 Kirkland Green; Limousin £1556.66 Halfway Well; Bazadaise £1405.94 Church Farm; Charolais £1155.43 Townfoot Farm.

Hoggs – p/head - Texel £100.30 Newhall Farm; Greyfaced £91.80 Whinney Hill Farm; Blackfaced £90.20 Newhall Farm; Beltex £88.80 Gaitsgill Hall Farm; North Country Cheviot £82.20 Newhall Farm; Herdwick £79.80 Sunny View; Hill Cheviot £78.80 Newhall Farm.

p/kg - Texel 211.40p Newhall Farm; Beltex 211.40p Gaitsgill Hall Farm; North Country Cheviot 200p Newhall Farm; Hill Cheviot 199.50p Newhall Farm; Blackfaced 196p Newhall Farm; Greyfaced 187.20p Newhall Farm; Herdwick 175.40p Sunny View.

LAMBS – p/head - Texel £130.80 Wavercroft; Charollais £117.80 Kiln Close Farm; Millenium Bleu £117.80 Kiln Close Farm; Suffolk £115.80 Seymour House; Rouge £113.80 Kiln Close Farm; Zwartbles £92 Wetheral Shields.

p/kg - Texel 292.90p The Square; Rouge De L Ouest 264.70p Kiln Close Farm; Suffolk 259p Mossband House; Beltex 253p Devonshire Rise; Charollais 250.70p Mirkbooths; Millenium Bleu 242.70p Kiln Close Farm; Zwartbles 200p Wetheral Shields.

EWES – p/head - Texel £107.50 Wavercroft; Suffolk £99.50 Wetheral Abbey Farm; Hill Cheviot £80 Milton Farm; Leicester £78.50 Burgh Head Farm; Greyfaced £68.50 Branch End Farm; Charollais £67.50 Beckstonegate Farm; Herdwick £65 Newhall Farm; Swaledale £61.50 Heggle Lane Farm.


Wednesday June 5

TOTAL FORWARD 2,421 Prime Sheep, comprising of 276 Prime Lambs, 1,087 Prime Hoggs & 1,058 Cast Ewes & Rams.

Topping the sale at 288.0p/kg was a single Texel lamb from Messrs G & JE Bell, Far Broom, purchased by Cranston’s Quality Butchers’. Far Broom also topped the overall sale with another single Texel lamb realising £122, this purchased by Mr Gavin Little, Penrith.


LAMBS – p/kg, Texel 288.0 Far Broom; 280.0 Moyadam Park; 279.0 Bank Farm (Bowness). Suffolk 250.0 & 249.0 Wreay Hall Farm; 249.0 Staingills.

Per Head, Suffolk £122 Far Broom; £120, £119, £115 Scales Hall (Hewetson); £119 Wreay Hall Farm. Texel £121, £119 Far Broom; £120 Sleagill House; £118 Staingills; £118 Moyadam Park.

HOGGS – p/kg, Texel 214.0 & 210.0 Highrigg; 213.0 Ratten Castle; 213.0 Murrah Hall. Cheviot 210.0 Murrah Hall; 208.0 Merryvale; 200.0 Hall Bank; 200.0 Highrigg. Scotch 210.0 Sockbridge Hall; 205.0, 202.0 & 200.0 Merryvale; 200.0 Black Leases. Suffolk 210.0 & 200.0 Sockbridge Hall; 200.0 Merryvale; 200.0 Highrigg. Continental 208.0 Wreay Hall Farm; 200.0 Black Leases. Beltex 204.0 Shap Abbey. Mule 200.0 Merryvale; 196.0 Peatgates; 195.0 Sockbridge Hall. Swaledale 198.0 Hall Bank; 195.0 Mellgates. Herdwick 193.0 Hall Bank. Gritstone 193.0 High Harberwain.

Per head, Beltex £115 & £96 Shap Abbey. Texel £109 Highrigg; £107, £106, £102 Hall Bank; £100 Town Head (Mounsey). Suffolk £105 & £104 Hall Bank; £104, £100 (2) & £98 Highrigg; £99 Hall Bank. Mule £100 Hall Bank; £96 Merryvale; £88 Peatgates; £86 Sockbridge Hall. Cheviot £98 Hall Bank; £86 Highrigg. Scotch £97, £89 Merryvale; £93 Highrigg; £92 Hazelrigg. Zwartble £96 & £84 Sockbridge Hall. Continental £94 Merryvale; £93 Hall Bank; £88 Brackenburgh. Half-Bred £90 Sockbridge Hall. Swaledale £88 & £76 Oakbank; £87 & £86 Hall Bank; £80 Ulcatrow. Herdwick £85 Hall Bank; £75 Ulcatrow. Gritstone £83 High Harberwain.

CAST EWES – Texel £108 Crossfell House (Armstrong); £103 Sockbridge Hall; £99 Moyadam Park; £97 Staffield Old Hall. Suffolk £106, £96 Moyadam Park; £101 Sockbridge Hall; £96 Town End (Sayer). Beltex £105, £101 & £84 Inglewood Edge; £86 Shap Abbey. Bleu Du Maine £101 Brackenburgh. Cheviot £87, £81, £79 & £75 Sockbridge Hall; £84 Ploveriggs; £75 Inglewood Edge. Continental £87, £76 Moyadam Park; £80 Sockbridge Hall; £76 Croft House (Armstrong); £76 Brackenburgh. Mule £82 (2), £80, £79 Staingills; £79 & £75 Town Head (Mounsey); £79 Galleywreay Farm; £78 Plough Farm; £77 Ellergill. Masham £74 Staingills. Rough Fell £70 The Wath. Herdwick £60 Ulcatrow; £58 Oakbank. Jacob £69 The Croft. Goat £62 & £50 Ballymena Road. Swaledale £58 Town End (Sayer); £58 Walmgate; £57 Crosby Lodge; £57 Lockholme Hall; £56 Undercragg; £56 Oddendale Hall. Scotch £50 The Croft; £47 Sockbridge Hall.

CAST RAMS – Texel £127 Outgang; £122 Sockbridge Hall; £106 Moyadam Park. Suffolk £120 & £116 Sockbridge Hall. Bluefaced Leicester £111 Crosby Lodge; £108 Widewath. Suffolk £98 Sockbridge Hall. Cheviot £97 Sockbridge Hall. Swaledale £77 Widewath. Rough Fell £68 Outgang.


Wednesday June 5

TOTAL FORWARD 20 Prime Cattle; 416 Prime sheep, consisting of 105 Spring Lambs; 133 Prime Hoggs, 178 Cast Ewes & Rams.

Prime cattle trade firm. Numbers short of buyers needs.

Limousin Heifers topped at 248.5p/k from R Neill, Upper Tinwald to Border Meats, Lockerbie. British Blue to 245.5p/k Gardrum, Eastriggs to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers, Annan. Top Gross Heifers £1428.88 Upper Tinwald.

Angus Bullocks peaked at 236.5p/k from D Wilson & Son, Marwhirn to C Anderson.Top gross bullock £1705.55 Marwhirn.

416 Prime sheep forward.

105 Spring Lambs forward – Best quality lambs met brisk trade to average 245.8p/k T Texels to 267p/k Drumburn and £117.50 Dempsterton.

Prime Hoggs – Mixed offering to average 166p/k.

Cast Ewes & Rams. A good show which sold to a similar trade, more ewes required to satisfy growing demand.


HEIFERS – per kilo, Limousin 248.5 Upper Tinwald. British Blue 245.5 Gardrum, Eastriggs.

BULLOCKS – per kilo, Angus 236.5 Marwhirn.

SPRING LAMBS – per kilo, Texels 267 Drumburn. Suffolk Crosses 257 Dempsterton. Charollais 262 Riggheads.

Per head, Texels £117.50 Dempsterton. Suffolk Crosses £110.50 North Cowshaw. Charollais £108.50 Rigghead.

HOGGS – per kilo, Texel 196 Archwood. Suffolk 182p/k Lanarkland

Per head, Texels £100.50 Philgowan. Suffolk £100 Lanarkland.

RAMS – Texel £106.50 Corsencon. Blackface £82.50 Hall Farm.

EWES – Texel £94.50 Bridgestone. Berrichon £87.50 Maryfield. Mule £84.50 Ryecroft. Cheviot Mule £72.50 Springfield. North Country Cheviot £74.50 Archwood. Zwartble £73.50 Easthill Cottage. Blackface £55.50 Grennan.

Overall Heavy Ewes averaged £68.40. Overall Light Ewes averaged £45.20. LOCKERBIE

Monday June 3

Prime lambs sold to 274p/kg for a pair of Beltex from Mr C Cameron of Woodburn House. Top price of the day went to M/s W&B Nichol of Lawston Farm, Newcastleton with Suffolks and Mr C Camron with Beltex. 96 lambs averaged 236p/kg and many more could have been sold to vendors advantage.

Cast cows were very scarce however continued to sell well to a top of £815 for an Aberdeen Angus and a Limousin from Mr E Long of Keyla Park.


PRIME LAMBS – p/head - Beltex £115 Woodburn House; Suffolk £115 Lawston Farm; Texel £110 Hoddamtown; Millenium Bleu £108 Lawston Farm.

p/kg - Beltex 273.80p Woodburn House; Millenium Bleu 270p Lawston Farm; Texel 261.90p Hoddamtown; Suffolk 250p Broomhills, 250p Lawston Farm.

CAST COWS – British Blue £1036.48 Castlehill; Aberdeen Angus £815 Keyla Park; Limousin £815 Keyla Park.


Wednesday June 5

A small show of cattle were forward, with clean cattle selling to 222.5 pence per kilo for a Limousin Cross heifer from P & A Jarman, Brow Top Farm which was purchased by Mr J Little.

Bulls sold to 218.5p’kg shown by D & MA Wilson, Lamplugh Hall, for a Limousin Cross and was purchased by Mr H Birkbeck.

Cows sold to 159.5p/kg for a Beef Shorthorn shown by RM & J Clark, Mossergate Farm and purchased by Mr TL Fell.

Spring lambs were forward in large numbers and met a strong demand from a large ring of buyers, they sold to 281.4 p/kg for lambs from M/s Clark, Valhalla, to Vivers Scotlamb. Lightweight lambs (35-40kg) were in great demand attracting vigorous completion. The overall average for lambs was 243p/kg. Top price per head was £129.50 for Texel Cross shown by JA Mounsey and Son, Grange Farm and purchased by Tony Harrison, Cockermouth, and again £129.50 for Texel from RH Bell jnr, Palace How, sold to R Skelton.

A small end of season sale of hoggs sold to £108 for Texels from TS & SM Park, Millom Castle. Well finished hoggs were still in demand averaging 165p/kg.


HEIFERS – per kg, Limousin 222.5, 217.5 Brow Top.

BULLS – per kg, Limousin 218.5, 212.5 Lamplugh Hall.

OTM COWS – per kilo, Beef Shorthorn 159.5 Mossergate. Limousin 144.5 High Low Hall. Belgian Blue 137.5 Low Stowbank.

OTM BULLS – per kilo, Limousin 149.5 Mossergate.

LAMBS – per head, Texel 129.50 Grange, 129.50 Palace How. Suffolk 122.50 Byresteads. Charollais 116.50 Galemire. Rouge 115.50 Birks. Zwarble 110.50 Blue Dial. Bleu du Maine 106.50 Croftside. Beltex 119.50 Dearham Hall. Hampshire 88.50 Row Brow Park. Mule 87.00 Waites.

Per kg, Texel 281.4 Valhalla. Beltex 277.9 Dearham Hall. Charollais 261.3 Galemire. Bleu du Maine 248.8 Row Farm. Rouge 269.3, 245.3 Birks. Suffolk 251 Aldoth. Mule 177.6 Waites. Zwarble 221 Blue Dial.

HOGGS – per head, Texel 108.00, 107.50 Millom Castle. Charollais 88.50 High House. Beltex 80.50 Cherrytree. Suffolk 90.50 East Townend. Scotch Blackface 79.50 Ellenbank. Texel X Herdwick 77.50 Howside. Herdwick 59.50 Howside.

CULL EWES – per head, Texel 119.50 Byresteads. Charollais 114.50 Loughrigg. Suffolk 109.50 Newhall. Bleu du Maine 112.50 Springfield. Beltex 104.50 Byresteads. Cheviot 90.50 New Monkray. Cross 78.50 Isel Old Parks. Mule 85.50 Blue Dial. Herdwick 73.50 Mossergate. Texel X Herdwick 73.50 Howside. Swaledale 72.50 Bridge End.

RAMS – per head, Texel 111.50 Beckstones. Blue Faced Leicester 116.50 Tortolocate. Beltex 116.50 Croft House.



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