Friday, 04 September 2015

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New machine will help Penrith mail firm wrap things up nicely

A mail firm has made a major investment in equipment so staff need to perform fewer heroics to meet deadlines.

Mail firm photo
Office manager Stephen Peacock with some of the machinery

Cumbria Mailing Services, of Penrith, has spent £100,000 on a new machine as it works to capitalise on growth in the economy.

The new polywrap line – manufactured in Umbria, Italy – is used to wrap magazines, catalogues and inserts in polythene mailing bags.

Executives made the decision to invest after realising the company had gone as far as it could with its existing poly line system when it came to flexibility and efficiency.

Director Peter Hilton said: “It’s been fun most of the time juggling resources and being as creative as possible with time management to try and squeeze the last bit of productivity out of what we’ve got, but then there are the times when it stops being fun and is just very hard work.

“We’re proud of what we do as regards productivity and quality but if we look at just last month for an example we had a job of around 165,000 items for addressing, wrapping and mailing.

“We needed the printed material delivered on the Monday morning but didn’t get it until Tuesday lunchtime and then the mailing day was brought forward from Friday to Thursday lunchtime.

“It would have been so much easier to have a second line set up to relieve the pressure on this job. We still hit the target and got it all out on time but, to put it bluntly, I’ve had enough of pulling all-nighters.

“Hopefully, this new machine will do away with the need for such heroics. It means we can have a high volume job churning away on one machine and another machine dealing with small volume jobs.”

Cumbria Mailing Services has been at Penrith Industrial Estate since 1997 and carries out mailing campaigns for clients including local authorities, membership clubs, charities, political parties, housing associations, catalogue retailers, building societies, schools, theatres, and car dealerships with volumes ranging from a couple of hundred to 250,000.

The firm is ranked among the top five performers in the mailing house industry.

And, despite competition from online marketing, bosses say direct postal marketing “is still king”.

Company secretary Robin Kirk said: “We’ve looked at email marketing ourselves but the figures just don’t add up. Response figures for email are virtually zero.

“Add this to all the market research and surveys, which show that a physical mailing piece resonates with all age groups, then you can see why we should feel confident about investing in the proper tools to meet continuing demand for our services. We’re also hearing encouraging words from people like the IMF as far as growth in the UK is concerned so, with the deal for the machine coming when it did, we decided to take it.”



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