Friday, 28 August 2015

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1,800 take part in Orange Lodge march in Carlisle

Carlisle was ablaze with colour and noise on Saturday as thousands of Orangemen and women marched across the city centre.

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People from across the UK descended on Carlisle, with banners announcing the arrival of groups from Tyneside, London, Essex, Bristol, as well as various locations around Yorkshire, Merseyside, and Scotland.

Around 1,800 people took up drums, whistles, accordions and banners as the colourful, noisy spectacle passed through the city centre, attracting crowds of onlookers who shopping were in the busy city centre.

Grand Master Ron Bather, the man at the helm of the Orangemen, said he was delighted with the way the event passed off.

“The people who paraded and those who watched in the town were more than pleased with what they saw,” he said.

“The perception of the Orange institution in reports over the years would have been slightly different to what people have seen here.

"Several of our people who were standing on the pavements watching it go by were asked what was taking place, and when told people were more than pleased to stay and watch.”

Every year members of the 200-year-old Protestant Orange Lodge for England hold their march in a different area of the UK.

This year’s march, the first in the city since the late 1970s, took place in Carlisle despite the city currently having no Orange lodge branch.

Carlisle previously had a branch but the county’s only Orange order is in Barrow.

Mr Bather added: “We had upwards of 12 inquiries asking for further information with regards joining the institution.

“This is one of the rare occasions we would have a parade in an area where there is no Orange presence, so it was a learning curve from our point of view, but it was a successful one. We have been to various places around the country, but always where we have had a presence.”

Police had anticipated there being little trouble at the event, deploying some student officers as part of a training exercise. And afterwards they confirmed that the march had passed without incident.

The march started in Bitts Park at around 2.45pm, before moving underneath Castle Way and along Scotch Street into the city centre, where a wreath was laid at the war memorial at the Greenmarket.

It then moved off, in full voice still, along Fisher Street, Market Street, West Tower Street before retracing the route beneath Castle Way and back into Bitts Park.

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